December 7th, 2012

Winonah de Jong: Posing In Posen


Image via Instagram.

Let’s give it up for Winonah de Jong who managed to score a Zac Posen gown to wear to the Masters Of LXRY event in Amsterdam last night. Winonah kindly posts her daily outfits and fashion finds on her Instagram so we can be jealous and marvel at the speed at which she continues to spend Nigel’s money. Do check it out.

December 4th, 2012

Cricket Christmas Party: The 12 WAG Days Of Christmas


pregnant WAG wayne kai son man u

We’ll keep this relatively short and simple, Kickettes. If you’ve judged one Cricket Christmas Party, you’ve judged them all. Or something like that.


December 4th, 2012

Floor Length Fashion Done Right, By Christine Bleakley


frank lampard girlfriend fiancee

Images: Jo Hale/Getty Images Europe & Dave Norton/Bauer Griffin

Bleakley’s been absent lately, yes? Or maybe we just forgot to pay attention to her. Anywho, the future Mrs. Frank Lampard attended two black tie events over the weekend and stuck to a winning fashion formula: Lace dress + clutch bag + updo = win. Fair play.


December 3rd, 2012

Jordan Henderson: Topman For The England Captain’s Armband?


Image: Topman Facebook.

The latest issue of Topman’s web magazine, Generations, features a question and answer sesh with a certain Liverpool fringe player under the headline: ‘Jordan Henderson: Step Forward England’s Future’.

Except the URL for the article reads: ‘Jordan Henderson: Step Forward England’s Future Captain’.


December 3rd, 2012

Photo Call: Pablo Osvaldo For GQ Italia


Image: GQ Italia.

Osvaldo avec professional stylist = a thing of unparalleled beauty.

Osvaldo sans professional stylist = us in denial and requiring therapy.

September 5th, 2012

Dressed At Gunpoint: Louise Redknapp

Image via PA

We accepted long ago that Louise Redknapp’s go-to designer is Stella McCartney and that’s great. Stella makes fabulous clothes. Other designers make fabulous clothes too, but we get that she’s in a groove. We don’t, however, get what she was thinking when she put on this dress.

The dress is from Stella’s Fall 2012 collection and while it’s certainly not the worst dress ever in life, it’s so, so wrong for Louise and her body type. Louis is a petite, curvy woman and this drowns her and makes her look incredibly top heavy. Also, the styling? Girl, no. Those ankle boots make her look about 4’11″ tall and while black and blue is a big trend for fall, it doesn’t make sense here. A silver metallic heel, much like these amaze Nicholas Kirkwood platform slingbacks, would have worked so much better.

Furthermore, could there have been a better occasion for her lovely hair to have been in a top knot or bun to show off her face and the high neckline of the dress? No. See? It could have been salvageable. Maybe. Call us before your next appearance, Louise.

Is there anything that could have saved this look, Kickettes?


July 9th, 2012

Style Off: WAGs At The Iniesta Wedding

Images via Getty and AP Photo

The nuptials of a fellow WAG is always a perfect opportunity for her compatriots to bring their fashion A game. There were two clear stand outs for us at the Iniesta/Ortiz wedding last weekend so let’s get to judging.


June 14th, 2012

Style Off: Irish WAGs In Poland

Images via @Fashion_Kicks & @ClaudineKeane1

Compared to their English counterparts, the Irish WAGs tend to keep a low profile. With Euro 2012 being The Green Army’s first international tournament in ten years, we’re happy they’re well represented. We’re also happy they’re posting photos of their outfits on Twitter.


June 11th, 2012

Winonah de Jong: Orange Is The New Black

Images via Life After Football

Our fashion-related obsession with Winonah de Jong continues to grow now that her blog for Life After Football is up and running.  Full disclosure: we’re not really bothering to run it through Google translate because we really just want to see what she’s wearing.

Winonah has proven a master at incorporating orange (the color of The Netherlands’ NT, natch) into her Euro 2012 looks. For the Oranje’s first match against Denmark, she wore an orange printed Gucci top similar to the one here, Victoria Beckham jeans, Gucci flip flops and the obligatory orange Hermés Birkin and Goyard bags.

It’s a perfect WAG look, is it not?

We also love the subtle orange in her Giambattista Valli jacket here. The jacket is… interesting, but we commend her dedication to keeping it patriotic.

The Dutch got off to a tough start, but we do hope their situ improves. We need more Winonah.

April 30th, 2012

Irina Shayk: Spotted in Yves Saint Laurent

Yeah we thought it was a dress too. Images via Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images North America &

We’re just going to assume that you’re as perplexed by this White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner as we are. So perhaps it’s no surprise that Irina Shayk was there since even Lindsay Lohan was invited.

For just such an occasion, Shayk chose a white silk Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit with a gold chain belt from the Fall 2011 collection. We think this is a pretty fab look and we love that she didn’t wear a traditional gown and kept the accessories minimal.

What’s up with Ms. Shayk and Mr. Ronaldo, though? Lunch time conversation at Kickette HQ is often speculative of the status of their relationship. Do you think these two are still an item? We know Shayk’s been busy with her Intimissimi Perfect Bra tour and may not have a lot of time to spend in Madrid, but long distance love can only go so far. We’ll dig a little deeper this week.

In the meantime, how do you feel about Shayk’s White House look?